Columbia University

An Engineer’s Guide to the Artificial Intelligence Galaxy

Columbia Engineering School Commencement Speech, May 15 2017

The New York Times Conference

(Is the Future) Made in China?

China has laid out ambitious goals to advance AI innovations such as robotics, autonomous vehicles and medical equipment. One of China’s foremost venture capitalists and tech trailblazers shares his insights on the global competitive landscape, as well as the human impact of this coming surge in AI applications.


Kai-Fu Lee: Bloomberg Studio 1.0

Kai-Fu Lee, chief executive officer at Sinovation Ventures, joins Bloomberg's Emily Chang on this week's "Bloomberg Studio 1.0."


Wipro @ WEF 2018 - AI and Global Progress

As the pace of sweeping technological change increases and concerns grow about economic inequality, job security, reduced privacy and digitally-driven misinformation, one thing that’s certain is that AI will play a bigger and bigger role in our lives. How can we ensure it will be a positive one? In this evening edition discussion, live from Davos, we examined the role of artificial intelligence in addressing the world’s biggest opportunities and challenges.

Asia House

State of AI in China

London Asia House speech

Cambridge Union

My AI Journey

GeekPark Beijing 2016

Kai-Fu panel interview ex Apple CEO John Scully

"I worked at Apple between Jobs"-Kaifu Li and John Sculley's talk at GeekPark Innovation Festival in Beijing 2016

Kai-Fu’s contemplation after cancer

Automatic Speech Recognition, a lecture by Kai-Fu Lee

Automatic Speech Recognition, a lecture by Kai-Fu Lee. This video has been recorded on March, 1993.