AI and Education

How To Provide the Best Education for Your Children in the AI Era

AI displacement of jobs is just starting but will accelerate in the next 5-15 years. This will clearly affect today’s children.

For younger children, career choice is far less important than developing critical thinking and creativity. Parents should encourage curiosity, and the pursuit of deeper understanding (always ask “why?” or “why not?”).

It is also important to have high emotional intelligence, which is near impossible for current AI technologies. Learn empathy and sincere concern for others. Practice communication, persuasion, and teamwork.

For older children thinking about careers, it’s important to point out to them the certain types of jobs will be in jeopardy. Help steer them away from jobs that are clearly headed for obliteration.

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AI & Your Job

Educate Your Kids in Areas of Creativity and Humanities

Encourage your children to develop skills in areas where AI is weak like: creativity, strategic thinking, learn new skills independently, dexterity, and compassion/empathy. And if your child shows promise in some area (such as entrepreneurship or scientific discovery), encourage them or to go deep, and start early.

Help your children find his or her passion. Passion is highly correlated with motivation and achievement. Doing something he or she is passionate about is most likely to lead to a sustainable job, as well as a fulfilling life.

Finally, our education system was not designed for the AI era, nor is it likely to catch up quickly. Thus, it is even more important that you spend more time as a parent connecting to your child, not only to help him or her access the latest information, but also to develop a stronger parent-child bond.

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