How AI Will Affect Industry and Commerce

Artificial intelligence will change the way the world does business

Many industries have already begun to change in subtle and not-so-subtle ways with the application of AI. Taxis, air travel, stock trading, search engines, buying stuff online... to name just a few, have incorporated developments in deep learning to make how we interact with these services and entertainments more efficient.

But more is to come. As Dr. Kai-Fu Lee explores in great depth in AI Superpowers, there are many opportunities where certain professions can progress. Scientists and aerospace engineers, and even medical professions will become more reliant on AI.

Dr. Lee predicts that it will not be long until AI algorithms can perform many of the diagnostic functions of medical professionals. Those algorithms will pinpoint illness and prescribe treatments more effectively than any single human can. In some cases, doctors will use these equations as a tool. In some cases, the algorithms may replace the doctor entirely.

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How will Your Industry Be Affected?

In addition, AI Superpowers shows that many professions that form the bedrock of the middle class—truck drivers, accountants, office managers, paralegals —will be hollowed out. Dr. Lee writes that some of these workers might transition into some of the highly social, highly dexterous occupations that will remain safe. Among the fastest-growing (and lowest-paid) professions in America are home healthcare aides. As Dr. Lee notes, a rush of newly displaced workers trying to enter the industry will only exert more downward pressure on the profession.

So, there are things to be hopeful about and things to worry about. AI Superpowers does not shy from the hard realities of AI, but also offers a realistic way forward.

Will AI Replace Your Job

AI Superpowers Looks at Industry-Altering Tech 'Moonshots'

We will see many new inventions thanks to AI. Some will change how we perform a single task or some may disrupt a whole industry. There will also be technological changes that will cut across dozens of industries, with the potential to fundamentally alter economic processes and even social organization. AI Superpowers explores these general-purpose technologies to give you a clear picture of what to expect, and how it will affect you.

Venture capital money will find ways to wring every dollar of productivity out of a general purpose technology like artificial intelligence, in particular those moonshot ideas that could disrupt and recreate an entire industry. Over the coming decade, voracious VCs will drive the rapid application of the technology and the iteration of business models, leaving no stone unturned in exploring everything that AI can do.

AI Superpowers is your companion and guide to this new world order of AI-enabled business and industry – thanks to Dr. Kai-Fu Lee's extensive business and cultural background in the U.S. and China, in his work as an AI innovator and a leader in VC funding.

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What Others Are Saying

Tom Mitchell

University Professor of Machine Learning, Carnegie Mellon University

“Nobody understands the complex of issues that will drive the explosive development of artificial intelligence in China and the U.S. better than Kai-Fu Lee. He is a technical wizard who has led AI research and development teams in both countries, has lived in both cultures, and today operates one of the most prominent AI venture funds in China. His insights into the diverse cultural, governmental and technical factors that will frame the competition between nations make this book a must-read for anybody interested in the future of AI, and how it might change the world order.”

Raj Reddy

Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, Turing Award Recipient

“In this riveting narrative, Kai-Fu Lee provides a brief history of China’s emergence as an AI superpower in the short span of two decades to rival the United States’ previously unchallenged supremacy. A must-read for anyone who is curious about what the future might hold.”

Jeffrey Lehman

Vice Chancellor, NYU-Shanghai (former president, Cornell)

“The book offers a wise guide to how we, as individuals, should set our priorities each day, each month, and each year. And it offers an equally wise, global perspective on how society might build a future that harmonizes AI’s power to think with humanity’s distinctive capacities for love, service, and compassion.”