Artificial Intelligence and You

What is AI? And Why Should You Care?

Artificial intelligence is more than just Siri, Alexa, and self driving cars. It is a revolution. AI and its ability to crunch numbers in nano seconds, analyze and learn, and a variety of other task means that AI is beginning to outperform humans in many areas of work and life. AI is the ‘electricity of the 21st century.’

Like any large scale revolution there will be winners and there will be losers. There will be a rise of new industries, and the fall of others.

What is AI?

AI and Your Job

AI will create both greater productivity and profits for companies, but it will also eliminate jobs for a large population of workers. What jobs are most vulnerable in the next 5 years? What can AI do better than humans? What can humans do better than AI? Learn more about how AI will affect you and your job.

AI and Your Industry

Don’t get left behind the AI revolution. Learn how your industry might be affected by the AI revolution. Discover what types are industries are set to profit from AI and which industries might lose out. This is valuable information for any entrepreneur, politician, CEO to know as they look toward the future. Learn more about AI and Industry.

AI and Your Life

AI is bring big changes to our lives from driving our cars, to diagnosing our illnesses, to enhancing our daily lives by making tasks easier or by performing those tasks for us. What are the ethical implications of AI in our lives and how can we coexist in peace with these AI supercomputers and robots? Learn more about AI and everyday life.

AI & Education

AI will disrupt the job market dramatically, and today's kids will be affected. How will AI effect education? What should you do about educating your kids in the AI era?

AI and Your Government

Government is playing a key role in the present and future state of the AI industry and how it will affect us all. What can the government do to foster AI innovation and minimize the disruption it will cause.

The Risks of AI

Once you get beyond the common myths many have about AI you can focus on the real risks that AI will bring in the future? What risks does AI pose to industry, jobs, income inequality, and the balance of world power?

China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order

AI Superpowers gives you an insiders perspective on the simmering battle between Silicon Valley and China. Discover how each country has an advantage with different types of AI and how China will soon have the edge due to unique governmental and economic factors.

China Vs. U.S.

What Others Are Saying

Robert Scoble


“ Kai-Fu Lee has a message for Westerners that should be heard loudly: the Chinese are coming and are positioned to dominate the AI era. As an American technologist, the book well laid out a cautionary tale for my fellow Silicon Valley inhabitants.”

Yann LeCun

Director, Facebook Research

“Few people have had Kai-Fu Lee's diverse experience in AI. His experience has made him a sort of oracle when it comes to trends in AI-related technology in Asia and the rest of the world. This book tells the story.”

Joi Ito

Director, MIT Media Lab

“Kai-Fu Lee offers an entertaining, insightful, and sobering look at the not-so-distant future of AI and China’s role in propelling it forward. Its pages expose our smugness over our own technological prowess and urge us to think carefully about the implications of AI for society and, indeed, humanity at large.”