Artificial Intelligence will Replace 40% of Job is 15 years! Will Your Job Be One of Them?

Take the AI Superpowers Quiz and Prepare Yourself for the Age of AI

Technological advances in artificial intelligence will add tremendous value to our society, but they will also disrupt society and lead to massive job loss, and increased wealth inequality. In his new book AI Superpowers, the "Bill Gates" of China and AI pioneer and entreprenuer shares his insider predictions on how AI will shape the world, and offers a blueprint for human and AI coexistence.

If you are intrigued or worried about the what the future will hold when AI begins to transform all ares of our lives, take this short 3 minute quiz. It will tell you how likely your job is to be replace by AI, and it will give you tips to prepare. You will also learn your unique human superpowers, those qualities you have that can never be replicated by a computer. It's fun and enlightening.

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