Uncharted Internet Territory

Oct 18, 2018

Exploring the alternate universe of Chinese internet universe

By Dr. Kai-Fu Lee

The Saudi Arabia of Data

Oct 16, 2018

The hard work that lies underneath this Chinese model.

By Dr. Kai-Fu Lee

The Beginning of China's Alternate Internet Universe

Oct 11, 2018

Guo Hong is a startup founder trapped in the body of a government official. Middle-aged, Guo is always dressed in a modest dark suit and wears thick glasses. When standing for official photos at opening ceremonies, he looks no different from the dozens of other identically dressed Beijing city officials who come out to cut ribbons and deliver speeches.

During the two decades leading up to 2010, China was governed by engineers. Chinese officialdom was packed with men who studied the science of building physical things, and they put that knowledge to work transforming China from a poor agricultural society into a country of bustling factories and enormous cities. But Guo represented a new kind of official for a new era— one in which China needed to both build things and create ideas.

By Dr. Kai-Fu Lee

Exploring the War of a Thousand Groupons.

Oct 09, 2018

We'll continue to explore the War of a Thousand Groupons. In the meantime, I welcome your thoughts on this particular Chinese vs. American approach to the marketplace. Why do you think Meituan succeeded?

By Dr. Kai-Fu Lee