Watch Kai-Fu Lee's Ted Talk

In his TED Talk Dr. Kai-Fu Lee discussed the rapid rise of artificial intelligence, the duopoly of US and China in AI, the inevitable automation of routine jobs, and a blueprint of co-existence between humans and AI.

If you want to learn more, get access to this special ‘after the talk’ video. In this video, Dr. expand upon some of the ideas he discussed in hisTED Talk and reinforces the idea that we are not passive spectators in the future of AI—we are the authors of it. You will learn:

  • What you as an individual can do to prepare for the AI era
  • The qualities of humanity that computers can’t duplicate and why these qualities are essential to our survival.
  • What government, industry, and education can do to prepare for the AI era.

Posted by Dr. Kai-Fu Lee on Nov 05, 2018 in All Posts