Common AI Myths

AI Will Change Everything, But Not in the Way You Think

AI will certainly impact us in big ways and small. But many of our perceptions are shaped by fiction, not facts. As a result, many of us have flawed notions and fears of AI. In his book AI Superpowers Dr. Kai-Fu Lee the ‘godfather’ of the AI Industry in China, dispels the common myths of AI while enlightening you about the true impact AI will have on our lives good and bad.

The True Risks of AI

Will Supercomputer Rule the World?

At the current pace of AI innovation the likelihood of computers that can thing creative, have ambition, and solve general problems is centuries away, if not impossible. So no, we won't be serving a computer overlord in our or our kids lifetimes.

AI Understands Humans

While popular AIs like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri create the illusion of understanding, computers cannot understand humans the way we understand each other. Today's AI has minimal ability to understand and to learn.

The AI War Between the US and China is Like the Cold War

Comparing the AI innovation race between China and the US is misguided and potentially dangerous. Instead governments, policy makers, industry must collaborate and share information to prepare for the disruption that AI will cause in all areas of our lives.

The US is Far Ahead of China in the AI Race

While the US leads in certain types of AI technology, China is make big inroads in other AI technologies and brings several advantages to the AI Game. The US and China will soon be in parity, and China could move ahead.

The True Risks of AI

While science fiction has given us misguided ideas about AI and it's potential dangers, there are risks that AI will bring to bear over the next 10-15 years. Get informed about the true risks of AI and what you should do about it

What Others Are Saying

John Hopcroft

Professor, Cornell University, and Turing Award Recipient

“As the world becomes increasingly connected, intelligent and automated there will emerge two sets of people—those who will embrace change as architects and creators of the future and those who will be the consumers of the innovations and advances. Changes will come faster and faster and individuals will need to adapt in their lifetimes. Kai-Fu Lee’s book is a must read for the creators seeking to understand and harness the potential of AI for themselves, their organizations and for the benefit of the world.”

Erik Brynjolfsson

Professor at MIT and Co-author of The Second Machine Age and Machine | Platform | Crowd

“AI is surpassing human intelligence in more and more domains, transforming the planet. Kai-Fu Lee has been at the epicenter of the AI revolution for 30 years and has now written the definitive guide.”

Prof. Max Tegmark

MIT, author of bestseller Life 3.0: Being Human in the age of AI

“In this riveting page-turner, one of the founding fathers of China’s AI industry tells the inside story of China’a rise as an AI superpower, and shares his inspiring recipe for us flourishing rather than floundering with AI."