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US was the first to “invent” and lead in AI. However, the AI field has transitioned from the “AI Discovery” era to “AI implementation” era. Think of this as electricity going from “Electricity Discovery” era to “Electricity Implementation” Era.

In the first phase US as the top research country dominated, but in the “implementation” era, what matters is execution, product quality, speed, and data. These are four areas China is ahead of the US. Find this hard to believe? Read AI Superpowers and see examples, and actual statistics that demonstrate China’s superpowers in entrepreneurship and applied AI.

Two Countries, two Merging AI Paths

AI will be applied to many different industries. China will lead in areas where massive data and maniacal focus lead to better products (such as Internet applications, mobile applications, payment and commerce applications, and computer vision and speech applications).

But US will lead in areas where China doesn’t have quality data (such as financial and health applications), as well as areas which require cutting-edge technologies (such as autonomous vehicles). And of course, new research breakthroughs are more likely to come from US than from China. Here is a projection of US vs. China in applications for the next 5 years:

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