What are the Greatest Risks Posed by Artificial Intelligence

AI will create value, and liberate us from repetitive work, but it will pose significant challenges and risks.

1) JOBS - 50% of human’s job tasks will be replaced within 15 years. How would we handle re-training 400-800M in theworkforce? Also, dealing with the “loss of meaning” that can come with the loss of a job.

2) SECURITY – AI is software, and software can be hacked. For example, if all autonomous vehicles in a country are hacked, they could be turned into the lethal weapons.

Is Your Job at Risk?

3) PRIVACY - How to protect individual privacy and prevent excessive commercial access?

4) WEALTH INEQUALITY – AI will exacerbate the already-large wealth disparity between the have and the have-nots. How do we close the growing gap, and offer equal opportunity to all people?

A Life with AI

5) AI BIAS - AI’s views will reflect the data from which it is trained. How do we avoid potential discrimination or unfair treatment resulted from the bias of data?

6) EXPLAINABLE AI - How does AI explain its actions? This may be required when there is much at stake (human lives, health) or when there are legal and ethical issues involved.

7) AI MONOPOLIES - AI makes strong super-powerful companies even more powerful because more usage leads to more data. More data leads to better AI (and thus better product), which in turn leads to a larger market share. Traditionally monopolies are upheld by resource or channel advantage, brand, early-mover advantage, technology, or high switching cost. AI adds even more power to any monopoly and makes a monopoly harder to dislodge.

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