MYTH - Super Intelligent Computers Will Rule the World

We are bombarded with dire predictions by a number of self-appointed futurists about “superintelligence,” “singularity,” “cyborgs,” and the unprovable claim that “we live in a video game.”

These dystopian warnings, reinforced by familiar plots of science fiction, have fueled unnecessary and harmful fears.

”As someone who has worked on AI for 37 years, I assure you that there is no engineering basis to extrapolate these dystopian predictions from today’s known technologies. Science fiction is all fiction, and very little science, and it would be catastrophic for mankind to capitulate to these imaginative predictions.” Dr. Kai-Fu Lee

What Are the Risks of AI?

Is it Possible We Will End Up in anAI Dystopia?

Of course, one can never say never.

However, this will require dozens of technological breakthroughs. And these breakthrough, like ‘deep learning’ only come about once a decade. So we are likely centuries away from the genesis of this kind of computer power.

In AI Superpowers Dr. Lee will explain what Ai cannot do, and what AI can do today and will be capable of in the next 10-15 years

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