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CBS 60 Minutes

CBS 60 Minutes “Oracle of AI”

Despite what you hear about artificial intelligence, machines still can't think like a human, but in the last few years they have become capable of learning. And suddenly, our devices have opened their eyes and ears and cars have taken the wheel. Today, artificial intelligence is not as good as you hope and not as bad as you fear, but humanity is accelerating into a future that few can predict. That's why so many people are desperate to meet Kai-Fu Lee, the oracle of AI.


The US and China race for artificial intelligence leadership

CBS 60 Minutes Overtime

Why China is the "Saudi Arabia" of Data

McKinsey & Company

Kai-Fu Lee’s perspectives on two global leaders in artificial intelligence: China and the United States


The Jobs Robots Can’t Take Over

World Economy Forum

Will You Lose Your Job to Automation?

World Economy Forum

Jobs Will be Replaced by AI, but That’s Okay

Bloomberg News

Sinovation Ventures CEO Says the Age of AI Is Coming

Good Morning America 1992

Apple Casper voice recognition demo

King 5

China and the United States will have to work together to boost Artificial Intelligence

CNBC Squawk Box

Data is the new oil, and China is the new Saudi Arabia, says AI expert

Silicon Dragon

AI Superpowers Fireside Chat with Kai-Fu Lee


Kai-Fu Lee: AI is not a zero-sum game


Comparing AI in China and the US

Council on Foreign Relations

The Artificial Intelligence Race and the New World Order

Commonwealth Club


New Economic Thinking

Can AI Free Humans from ‘Routine’ Work?

National Committee on US-China Relations

Kai-Fu Lee: AI Superpowers

Udacity on Medium

Kai-Fu Lee joins Sebastian Thrun for Udacity Talks

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Columbia University

An Engineer’s Guide to the Artificial Intelligence Galaxy

Faced with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in the next decade, some professions may disappear. How can humans face this huge threat and fear? Mr. Kai-Fu Lee used his research experience in artificial intelligence for more than 30 years and he was many years ago. After getting the fourth stage of lymphoma, I have a deeper understanding of life, because there is love so that human beings are different from artificial intelligence!

Columbia Engineering School Commencement Speech, May 15 2017

The New York Times Conference

(Is the Future) Made in China?


Kai-Fu Lee: Bloomberg Studio 1.0


Wipro @ WEF 2018 - AI and Global Progress

Asia House

Asia House Live Stream

Cambridge Union

Kai Fu Lee | Cambridge Union

GeekPark Beijing 2016

Kaifu Li and John Sculley's talk at GeekPark Innovation Festival in Beijing 2016

30 monthly

【李開復】:我修的死亡學分 (Death credits I have repaired)

Computer History Museum

Automatic Speech Recognition, a lecture by Kai-Fu Lee

Thrive Global

Job Opportunities for an AI-Filled Future: Kai-Fu Lee Explains

Thrive Global

AI May Make the World a Better Place: Kai-Fu Lee Explains

Town Hall Seattle

Kai-Fu Lee: China, Silicon Valley, and the Dual Visions of AI

Asia Society

Kai-Fu Lee Discusses 'AI Superpowers' in San Francisco

Asia Society

A Conversation With Kai-Fu Lee

China Institute

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the World

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Kai-Fu Lee on China’s Race to the Future

Silicon Valley may be the center of the tech world right now, but Kai-Fu Lee says that’s going to change, and fast. Lee—a computer scientist who worked at Apple, Microsoft, and Google before becoming a venture capitalist—predicts that China will soon overtake the United States as the world leader in innovation.

The New Yorker Radio Hour