A Letter from Dr. Kai-Fu Lee

Dear Journalist,

I am eager to share the story of AI with your readers, listeners and viewers.

If you'd like to know the inside view on what China and the United States are doing to advance artificial intelligence, and the nature of the competition between these two superpowers, I can provide you and your audience with insights as a pioneer in AI, and based on my experiences leading AI groups at Microsoft, Google and Apple in both the United States and in China.

I would be happy to send you a copy of my new bestselling book, AI Superpowers: China Silicon Valley, and the New World Order, where you can find in-depth analyses of the present future of AI.

I am comfortable speaking on any platform, via telephone or video. To help you gather as much information as you need for any articles or pieces you are considering for your readers, listeners and viewers, I have created a special media site. It has everything you might want to prepare for coverage, including artwork, sample questions, published articles, links to videos and more. You'll also be to arrange an interview with me there.


Kai-Fu Lee